Kontraversijų Čimodanas is a media activation and podcast focused on discussions by young students, artists, and commentators in Lithuania, whose vision was not recognized by the media due to their young age. Kontraversijų Čimodanas, or "Controversial Suitcase," is stylistically inspired by luggage and the idea that everyone has personal baggage, representing difficult topics of discussion that have to be examined before lift-off.
During the month-long delivery, I focused on all creative areas of the project, designing the brand identity and creative campaign to launch the show.
Visual Design
Campaign Design
sexy, bold and unaffraid
Together we built a visual understanding of who this brand is and its connection to flying and luggage that needs to be left behind in order to get to the final destination
Seven objects that were drawn from the main topics of conversation. I textured and designed these compositions to visually tie in controversial concepts into all artwork representing relevance and boldness.
With enough interest garnered by the mystery campaign, images, topics, guest names, and sound snippets were slowly revealed connecting all concepts together.
social media
The artwork was visually translated to target young people across different physical and digital channels, with promoted posts run across social media and flyers handed out near young people hot spots.
episode art
We finally revealed all episode art with podcast guests placed inside famous art pieces representing topic of conversation. With many guests' artistry and commentary being unfairly unrecognized due to their youth, episode art implies stolen art.
more to come...
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